Get a nerd’s view of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen: Close up and personal. If you are looking for something quirky and out of the ordinary a nerd tour might be the answer. I am a trained historian and have been doing guided tours in Copenhagen for more than ten years.

The themed city walks are a fixed price: 125 DKK pr. person. If you insist paying in Euro or Dollars I charge a wee bit more:  20€ or $25 pr. person.

Groupsize: 1-35. Less than one is a bit boring. More than thirty five persons are more than I can gather and speak to. Anything in between is just perfect.

Nina Søndergaard, Sunder-gore. Sorry for the hard-to-pronounce Danish surname.


The themes!

Copenhagen explained – what shaped Copenhagen – and your (favorite) city? History without a boring list of kings and years and wars. 

Cph in a red light – if you are interested in Denmark as a liberal country, the first to legalize porn and same-sex marriages. 

Death & the City – Copenhagen was so not liveable 200 years ago. H.C. Andersen was lucky to live long in a very infested city.

Godless tour – See the long history of a society without God. There might be a cross in our flag and many churches, but the Christianity of the Danes is decidedly lukewarm and light.

Happy Hour – Denmark as the happiest country (now 4. happiest!) in the world or World Happiness Report as a tour.

In the footsteps of Bohr and Ørsted – See where electromagnetism was discovered! See the birthplace of Niels (not Neils) Bohr, Nobel prize winner and kind and clever scientist.

Prostitution tour – Denmark was not always that gender equal. State controlled brothels and ‘public ladies’.

The stench in the city – No clean green city then. Sniff for yourself as smell samples are included. 

UK in DK – see the British heritage in Copenhagen.

A specialized personal tour: Call or write a text or mail and we’ll figure something out. You might want to meet up in front of your hotel and returned to there, or have a thing for Søren Kierkegaard or whatever -I might be able to customize a tour suited to your interests.

You may also be interested in some historical background on Copenhagen. In that case scroll down, see the video and get a quick history lesson of Copenhagen – without any mentioning of all the kings Frederiks and Christians we have had.

More questions? FAQ might answer them.