Nina foran flammer. Foto: Brian IskovNerd Tours in English is, unsurprisingly, the English version of my Danish company Nørd Tours. I have translated and adjusted the tours to a non-Danish speaking audience. My tours are historical, thematic and European – unafraid to address political, sexual and bodily issues.

My audience seeks a slightly different take on Copenhagen, a bit more depth and odd angles. The theme walks might also interest expats and longer term visitors and/or specialists in the fields.

I also do city walks without any of my pethorse themes and would love to take you on a stroll around Copenhagen as your independent and private guide.

20€ or $25 pr. person for the themed walks.

Guided two hour tour from A to B pointed out by you: $200, entrance not included. Extra hours + $100 pr. hour.
You may also be interested in some historical background on Copenhagen. In that case scroll down and have a quick history lesson of Copenhagen – without any mentioning of all the Frederiks and Christians and whatever kings we have had.