Get a nerd’s view of Copenhagen.

In 2010 Nerd Tours started doing well researched historical city walks in

Nerd Tours is me, Nina Søndergård – that is Sunder-gore. Sorta. Just call me Nina.

Copenhagen. The concept is seeing the places, getting real facts, looking at gritty details and having fun. My historical knowledge can perhaps transform the flat backdrop of yet another city into the wonderful, happy, liveable place it is to me.

History is so much more than a bunch of kings – it was also absurd, fun, intelligent, smelly, sexy, violent and even deadly. And we can see the traces and maybe learn or laugh about it.

Prices: 125 DKK pr. person. If you insist paying in Euro or Dollars I charge a wee bit more:  20€ or $25 pr. person for the themed walks.

Groupsize: 1-35. Less than one is a bit boring. More than thirty five persons are more than I can gather and speak to. Anything in between is just perfect.

A specialized personal tour: Call or write a text or mail and we’ll figure something out. You might want to meet up in front of your hotel and returned to there, or have a thing for Søren Kierkegaard or whatever -I might be able to customize a tour suited to your interests. Copenhagen: Close up and personal.

You may also be interested in some historical background on Copenhagen. In that case scroll down, see the video and get a quick history lesson of Copenhagen – without any mentioning of all the kings Frederiks and Christians we have had.

More questions? FAQ might answer them.

Themed city walks

Copenhagen Explained – why Copenhagen ended up the way it is. Compare with your own city.

Copenhagen in a red light – about the legalization of pornographic material and same sex marriage.

Copenlady – the women’s city.

Frederiksstad tour – about the queen’s neighbourhood. Family friendly

In the Footsteps of Bohr and Ørsted – about two outstanding physicists. Family friendly.

Innovationtour – inspiration for innovation, outside and unplugged

Punchline – we are living in the most peaceful of all times. Yes.

The Stench in the City – when Copenhagen was a dirty smelly place. Family friendly.

The Happy Hour – see how and why and where Denmark is one of the world’s happiest countries.

UK in DKtraces of Great Britain in Copenhagen