About me

Nina Søndergaard, born in 1979 in Aarhus, Jutland. Moved to Copenhagen in 1999.

Anja Gaard Olsens gode billede af migI am a historian and by doing guided tours I combine my love for wonderful Copenhagen with the joys of fresh air and meeting new, nice people.

On a historical city walk I can assist the transformation of the unfamiliar backdrop of the city into a liveable city, rich in history and experience. A bit of extra information about what you see can enhance and add depth to the seen.

I take great pride in my absolutely fantastic job where I disperse knowledge and perhaps even a bit of love of Copenhagen.

Before I studied history at Copenhagen university I went to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, where I found out that I have more love than talent for architecture. That was a lesson in itself but it also gave me very valuable insight into the history and techniques of architecture.